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Terms of Reference for the Rastrick High School Multi Academy Trust, Board and Committees

The Trust is composed of members.

The Board is composed of Directors. The Academies Financial Handbook for September 2019 states that the words ‘trustee’, ‘director’ and ‘governor’ are interchangeable, but the word ‘governor’ should only be used in a single academy trust and in local governing bodies.

Two Committees will be appointed by the board, each comprising of members of the board:-

  • Standards, to deal with all issues of student outcomes, welfare and curriculum
  • Resources, to deal with all issues of finance and personnel. This committee will also carry out the role of audit unless the turnover of the Trust exceeds £50 million pounds.
  • Other committees will be formed as required from the Board membership, eg Headteacher’s Pay, Complaints. See section 6.

The Board may also appoint Local Governing Bodies (LGB) for academies which Rastrick High Academy Trust is supporting, and decisions regarding the composition of these LGBs will be made by the RHS Board at the time of that academy joining the Trust. The Board may invite a representative from the LGB to sit on the board if that is considered appropriate at the time.

Chair of the Trust (Under most circumstances it is expected that this post will be occupied by the Chair of the Board).

A member with an in-depth understanding in the field of education.

A member with an in-depth understanding of business and community.

An independent advisor to the Member’s with an in-depth knowledge of finance and business infra structure.

If not represented by one of the above, a Foundation Trustee.

*These are likely to have expertise in desirable but under-represented areas of knowledge such as finance, education or marketing.

  1. The Board (made up of Directors)

1.1 The Board is constituted under the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. The Board is responsible for ensuring that high standards of corporate governance are maintained. It should exercise its powers and functions with a view to fulfilling a largely strategic leadership role in the running of the academy, addressing such matters as:

  • Strategic planning and policy quality assurance, including target-setting to keep up momentum on academy improvement
  • Ensuring sound management and administration of the Multi Academy Trust, and ensuring that the Headteacher, Senior Leaders and LGB Directors and Governors are equipped with relevant skills and guidance
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements
  • Establishing and maintaining a transparent system of prudent and effective internal controls
  • Management of the Multi Academy Trust’s financial, human and other resources
  • Monitoring performance and the achievement of objectives, and ensuring that plans for improvement are acted upon
  • Helping the Multi academy Trust to be responsive to the needs of parents and the community and making it accountable through consultation and reporting
  • Setting the Multi Academy Trust’s standards of conduct and values
  • Assessing and managing risk (including preparation of a statement on the Multi Academy Trust’s risk management for its annual report and accounts)

1.2 The Board also has a duty to take appropriate action when there are weaknesses in the academy. Where individual Directors have concerns, which cannot be resolved about the running of the academy or a proposed action, they should ensure that their concerns are recorded in minutes.

NB: All duties and responsibilities of Directors detailed in this handbook apply equally to persons who are not Directors of the Academy but who have been appointed to serve on a committee of the Academy in an honorary or associate capacity.

1.3 The Board must appoint a Headteacher to the Academy who will also act as an ex-officio director and carry out the duties of Accounting Officer as required by the Funding Agreement, unless otherwise required by the Academies Financial handbook published each year. The Headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the academy, the implementation of all policies which by statute have to be approved by the Board, the maintenance of other policies required by statute or necessary to control risk and for the direction of teaching and the curriculum. The Board should formally delegate these powers and functions to the Headteacher.

1.4 The Board will also delegate levels of financial responsibility to the Headteacher and other named staff in the academy. This may vary from year to year when the Academies Financial Handbook is published.

The Board of Directors

The Board has a very important role to play in the life of a school. Directors have to work in close partnership with the Headteacher and staff to ensure the effectiveness of the school. Being a Director requires commitment and energy: attending meetings, being involved in school activities, working as a team and accepting a fair share of responsibility. A good team combines common purpose, clarity on roles, and respect for others, democratic working practices, good leadership and good communication.

Click here for a full list of the current Board of Directors and Committee information (Governors became Directors since we became a Multi-Academy Trust).

Click here for the Board of Directors Synopsis

Click here for the Board of Directors Area of Responsibility

Multi Academy Trust


Resources Committee

Standards Committee

Minutes from previous academic years can be found here

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