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Our intent

Our curriculum provides all pupils with the opportunity to succeed and enjoy a high-quality education both inside and outside the classroom.  We pride ourselves in a curriculum that provides a broad and inclusive education that drives students’ ambition and love of learning.

Inside the classroom, all pupils are guided through each stage of a coherently planned learning journey produced and delivered by passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Our curriculum planning documents are viewed as ‘working documents’ because we dedicate time to reflect and develop the depth and sequencing of our curriculum so that knowledge and skills go ‘hand in hand’.

Our ambitious curriculum shapes a wonderful education for our children by going beyond the standards set by the National Curriculum and statutory guidance.

The use of formative and summative assessment in all subjects provides students with ongoing opportunities for them to test their memory and recall and track their progress.

Our curriculum ensures all pupils are supported in their character and personal development and equipped with the cultural capital to prepare them for life both inside and outside of education.  The curriculum covers all statutory requirements and provides many enrichment opportunities.  We introduce our pupils to the skills and knowledge required to succeed in society through many different vehicles, such as:  PSHE, an extensive tutorial programme and our careers advice service.

Outside the classroom, we provide an inclusive, high-quality, and extensive enrichment programme, which ensures that all pupils, regardless of background, have access to a wide variety of opportunities.  Our pupils play a key role improving the quality of education and experience for all pupils at Rastrick. A Student Leadership programme offers all pupils the opportunity to grow and develop their leadership skill-set, which is complemented by student voice which provides feedback on all aspects of school life. We continually strive to equip pupils with lifelong skills, knowledge and cultural capital that will support their next step into post-16 education and their future careers.

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