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We deliver a high quality and diverse curriculum through outstanding teaching and learning

We offer a broad range of subjects and an excellent range of enrichment activities that aim to produce well rounded, confident young people who are equipped to face the future.

The subjects studied at Key Stage 3 are:

Art, Design and Technology, English, French/Spanish, Geography, History, ICT/Computing, Mathematics, Music, PE, PSHCE, Religious Education and Science.

Through the curriculum students will acquire a wide range of skills that aim to equip them for further study at GCSE and beyond and the future world of work.

All students are set aspirational target grades and are challenged to excel in all subjects.

Students make their GCSE pathway choices during Year 9. We have a broad and balanced range of courses that will prepare students for other education and training routes or the workplace.

Students will again follow a core set of subjects that include:

English and English Literature, Maths, Dual or Triple Science, PE*, Religious Studies* and PSHCE.

* these subjects are not examined unless chosen as a GCSE course

In addition to the above core subjects, students will be selected for specific pathways of study. The English Baccalaureate pathway will include studying a Modern Foreign Language and Humanity (Geography and History) subject. There will be the opportunity to select one additional subject of choice.

Additional pathways will be available that will include the core subjects plus 2 or 3 optional subjects, dependant on pathway, which will include either GCSE and/or BTEC vocational qualifications. Students will be selected for appropriate pathways based on their prior and current attainment.

These GCSE Courses are optional. The courses are Art, Business Studies, Computing, Drama, Food & Nutrition, Product 3D Design, Art-Textiles, French, Geography, History, Music, PE, Religious Studies, Sociology & Spanish.

These Vocational Courses are optional. The courses are Art & Design Materials, Business , Creative iMedia, Health & Social Care, ICT & Sport.

Students are supported through these choices by a range of assemblies, tutorials and information evenings. The Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) on offer is important as it allows students to select the appropriate courses and help the transition to GCSE.

Most examinations take place at the end of Year 11 (linear examinations), but regular assessments and feedback take place through Key Stage 4. Some courses also asses in the form of coursework.

We place a particular importance on literacy and numeracy skills and this is very much part of the teaching and learning at Rastrick High School.

Students will have the opportunity to develop their literacy and numeracy skills not just in English and Maths lessons, but across the entire curriculum. We encourage all students to have a passion and enjoyment for reading and we have an outstanding library facility offering access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books.

For students with particular literacy or numeracy needs we provide a comprehensive range of support including our Accelerated Reader programme and additional tuition.