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Senior Leadership Team

Steve Evans

We have developed an excellent culture at Rastrick that rewards our students for the effort they make in both formal lessons and through our wide-ranging enrichment programme. The enjoyment our students get from these programmes is perhaps our greatest achievement as a school.
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Matthew Crowther

Associate Headteacher
Rastrick High School has been a large part of my life for the past 15 years. I originally came to the school as a trainee teacher in 2003/4 following several years in the IT industry. Throughout those 15 years I have gained a wide understanding of education through the eyes of Rastrick High school and its students and parents.
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Mathew Williams

Head of School
I have been in Education for 20 years in the West Yorkshire region working at schools in Leeds, Bradford and Rastrick. Within this time I have been a senior leader for 13 years, six years as an Assistant Headteacher working in for Support, five years as a Deputy Headteacher in charge of raising standards and currently as the Associate Headteacher of Rastrick High school.
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Leo Timmins

Deputy Headteacher Achievement and Support
I lead and develop the Achievement and Support functions of the school, including attendance, climate for learning and support for all pupils. During my 10 year tenure at Rastrick High School & Sixth Form, I have held numerous leadership roles with increasing levels of responsibility, providing a firm foundation in understanding of our school and culture that are essential to this role.
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Rachel Bailey

Deputy Headteacher Teaching & Learning
My role is supporting staff, to ensure ‘teaching is mostly outstanding and never less than good’. To support staff, we provide an outstanding CPD programme to ensure staff are up-to-date with the most recent research, and can apply this to their everyday practice. I also ensure we offer an outstanding curriculum for our students, and a personalised options process for Year 9 students.
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Kieran Wilson

Assistant Headteacher Quality of Education.
I am Assistant Head Teacher leading Quality of Education. I am a firm believer that as well as continuing to achieve outstanding results consistently we are all responsible in ensuring students are set up with the skills to become successful in the future. I have always been proud to work in a school with outstanding practitioners and students.
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Danielle Fielding

Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning.
Since becoming a teacher eighteen years ago I have worked in a variety of different school across Yorkshire.  I joined Rastrick High School in 2016 as the first Director of Humanities and have since moved into the role of Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning.
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James Endersby

Assistant Headteacher Achievement & Support
As Assistant Headteacher, I oversee Achievement and Support across KS3 to establish a positive climate for learning for all students. Furthermore, I am the strategic lead for whole school attendance and punctuality.
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Oliver Winterbottom

Assistant Headteacher Standards
During my time in education, through working in two multi academy trusts, I have gained experience of a number of educational settings and contexts in a range of capacities including senior leadership.
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Peter Dawson

Data Manager
I am responsible for our schools Data and Administration Team. Prior to this I worked for the NHS and local authority in a range of similar roles from data officer to senior information officer.Over the last few years the role has grown and I have taken on full responsibility for the administration team as well as becoming lead officer for GDPR.
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Sarah Laverick

Finance Director
In my role as Finance Director I lead the professional financial management of the school. Responsible for providing financial planning, income generation and budget control to assist leaders in effectively managing funds to meet the school’s objectives. I maintain robust financial systems and controls to safeguard finances, ensure efficiency and value for money.
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Key Staff Contact Details

Safeguarding – Designated Leads

Mr Leo Timmins
Miss Donna Broadley

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Leader

Mrs Fiona Morris

For queries relating to your child, please email the relevant Year Group Achievement Manager in the first instance. Click any name below to email directly. For general enquiries and queries please email Mrs Mitchell

Lower School – Key Stage 3

Year 7 Team

Achievement Leader:

Achievement Manager:

Mr D Hampson

Mrs G Lockwood

Achievement Manager: Mr N McConnell

Year 8 Team

Achievement Leader: Mr M Thornton
Achievement Manager: Mrs J Daw
Achievement Manager: Mr J Lang

Year 9 Team

Achievement Leader: Mr J Nalson
Achievement Manager: Mrs J Brady
Achievement Manager: Mrs M Bradley


Upper School – Key Stage 4

Year 10 Team

Achievement Leader: Mr M Carey
Achievement Manager: Mrs L Prosho
Achievement Manager: Mrs M Bradley

Year 11 Team

Achievement Leader: Miss E Morgan
Achievement Manager: Mrs V Mallett
Achievement Manager: Mrs C Fletcher