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Parents Evenings 2019/20

Please note that our Parents evening appointment booking system is NOT via Parentmail.

To log in and access our online booking system please follow  You can book your own appointments with staff from any internet connected device via a secure website, putting you in control of your appointments, at a time convenient to you.  Booking windows, once open, are accessible 24 hours a day to allow flexibility for parents with different working patterns.

Download our helpful Online Booking Guide

Parents Evening Calendar 2019/20

The booking window is normally open for 2 weeks, however, this may alter to allow for school holidays.

Year Group

Date of Parents Evening

Booking Open

Booking closed

Year 7


5 December 2019

8 Nov

22 Nov

Year 8


23 April 2020

13 Mar

27 Mar

Years 9


26 March 2020

28 Feb

13 Mar

Year 10


30 January 2020

19 Dec

17 Jan

Year 11


13 February 2020

17 Jan

31 Jan

If you experience any problems, please contact our Admin Team or email