Careers & Work Experience

Careers education at Rastrick High School is a Year 7 to Year 13 process, involving a wide range of employers, apprenticeship providers and higher and further education establishments to ensure regular, meaningful interactions with a range of providers.       At Rastrick, we are a valued member of the Enterprise Advisor Programme.

At Key Stage 3, elements of Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance (CIAG) are taught in the tutorial programme, as part of the school’s PSHCE requirements for all year groups in Key Stage 3. Also for Year 9 in the late autumn and early spring terms, there is an option choices information programme for students with their form tutors and an introduction to the careers library. The school produces its own option choice guidance as part of the school’s options process. However, Years 7 and 8 do not miss out on CIAG, with small group work with the school’s independent careers advisor, and for targeted students, the opportunity to visit the school’s careers fair. 

At Key Stage 4 there are further elements in the school’s tutorial programme and there is also a traditional CIAG programme with the school careers advisor. There are strong links with the local careers service advisors and a programme is arranged through the Annual Service Level Agreement, including careers fairs and transition events with the school’s own Sixth Form.  

At Key Stage 5 individual interviews are available on request with careers advisors. All students undertake Work Experience in Y12 and there is a tailored guidance programme delivered by form tutors. All students participate in the school’s careers fair, and receive detailed advice and guidance regarding UCAS for moving on after Sixth Form. Students also experience visits to local universities and receive talks in assemblies from employers, universities and apprentice providers.  

Our in school Careers Leader is Mr D Watson (Assistant Headteacher), and he is supported in school by our independent C&K Careers Advisor, Jackie Smith. Mr Watson is also the school’s Apprentice Champion. You can contact either member of staff for further advice on Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance by using the Contact Us page of our website. 

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